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Reconditioning SU Carbs


The first step we take when your carburettor arrives is to assess its condition, noting any missing or damaged parts such as snapped screw heads etc. Small parts will be replaced with new genuine SU parts, if lots of parts are missing we may charge extra, or help you source a more complete carburettor to restore. We then attempt to disassemble the carb, and prepare every part for the reconditioning process. If the carb is badly corroded, then it is soaked and heat treated to help soften seized nuts and bolts.

Vapour Blasting

All refurbished SU Carbs have the alloy parts such as the main body, float bowl and lid, and the bellhousing sent to vapour blasting to remove deep ingrained dirt and corrosion. The honed finish of the bellhousing has to be carefully protected during the vapour blasting process and should not be attempted by anyone unfamiliar with SU Carburettors. The gasket surfaces of the main body are skimmed flat to help prevent air leaks. Any damaged threads are then repaired and new threads cut. The parts are then ultrasonically cleaned to remove any dirt hidden from the vapour blasting process.

Zinc Plating

All steel parts such as screws, bolts, and levers are cleaned up with a wire brush before being sent for plating. This process cleans the parts with powerful acids and other cleaning chemicals to bring them down to bare metal. They are then given a new layer of zinc plating and passivate, this helps protect them from rust and gives them the shiny silver or yellow colour they originally had from the factory.


Only genuine SU gaskets are used when reassembling our refurbished SU Carbs. When assembly is complete, the carburettor is checked for correct operation. The float bowl is pressure tested to check for fuel leaks, and to correctly set the float level (if applicable). The carburettor is then carefully packaged to be sent back to you via insured courier. New manifold and airbox gaskets are included with every carburettor.

If you are fitting your carburettor to a custom project or tuned engine, We can suggest and supply a suitable needle profile using our computer software. Although not perfect, it is a much better approximation than just trying a few needles found in a drawer! To get the ultimate performance from your carburettor, take it to a rolling road. This is especially important if the engine has been changed from standard.

Whats the difference between a standard and a premium rebuild?

Premium rebuilds use a full rebuild kit from SU, usually replacing the jet, throttle plate, screws and other items with brand new parts. Standard rebuilds use brand new genuine gaskets and a new jet, but the rest of the parts are reused. Premium rebuilds also have the bellhousing polished to a mirror finish.

Can you rebuild other makes of Carburettor?

Yes we can rebuild almost any carburettor, if you have a carburettor that is not listed on the website please contact us, and we can do some research and quote you a price for the rebuild process.

After Sales Support

After you have received your reconditioned carburettor, we offer free technical support to help you setup your carbs and get you back on the road. You can contact us here. The reconditioning service includes an insured courier from your address to us, and then back again when the reconditioning is complete. There is no extra charge if it is within the UK, outside of the UK may cost a little more in postage.

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